I am pleased to announce that my first collection of poetry is now available to purchase in paperback format, and electronically for the modern hipsters.

I truly discovered poetry when I began university back in 2012, at a time when I perhaps needed it the most. As a form of expression, I found it very beneficial and it opened up new doors for me in terms of social interaction and creative writing. Through all of my highs and lows at university; my infatuations, my flirtations, my anger, my confusion, my depression and my anxiety; I could transpose the emotions in to poetry and preserve them like a memory.

In the three years I was at Aberystwyth University I wrote over 50 poems, the majority of which you will find in this new collection, and not on my website’s portfolio of writing. I have named the collection after the first poem I ever performed in public, as that was a huge stepping stone for me in both the creative writing community and my self-confidence. In deciding to collate my poetry, I knew it wasn’t going to be a quest for money or attention. Instead I wanted it to do some good and give people enjoyment – whether that be through admiring my work or laughing at the state of it. Therefore all proceeds that are made from the purchase of this book will be donated to Shelter UK.

Every year, Shelter works tirelessly to fight homelessness and bad housing. Millions of people have received support through Shelter, and it is a cause which I feel very strongly about. It is not just a charity that ‘helps the homeless’ – it is a service that provides legal and practical support to individuals and families in bad housing situations. Donations to Shelter can mean a child has access to a warm, healthy home as opposed to a hostel. To a family struggling with the pressures of landlords and/or financial strain, it could make a whole world of difference.

So please – buy this book. Not just to read my poetry or support me in my creative ventures, but to help someone fight against homelessness or bad housing. With every small gesture and offering, you could be responsible for changing the lives of one family in need that you didn’t even know were in need. Isn’t that worth sparing a few quid?

Follow this link to purchase a copy.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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