Chasing Time: Poetry Short Film

Following the release of my poetry collection, Chasing Time, and the success of my collaboration with relationships blogger/video editor, Eve Greenow, I’m pleased to announce the next release:

Chasing Time: a short poetry film will go live at 6pm tomorrow evening, and is a continuation of the visual storytelling style that works so well for my poetry. I’m so pleased with how this film has turned out, and I have to express my sincere thanks to Eve, for her creative eyes and ears that allowed the poem to transcend one medium in to another.
I’d also like to thank Mark Hipwell, for being the voice talent for this poem. The nature and tone of this poem is gentle, heartfelt, painful and soothing: Mark’s recording captured the essence of how this poem should be read, and probably did it more justice than I ever could.

I hope you all enjoy the video, and remember: 6pm tomorrow!

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