Empty valentine’s, cretin seagulls, new designs and more work.

1621836_10151915508927073_1946224188_nI’ve stopped fighting it and accepted I am really poor at updating this blog; but I am making an effort at least once every 3 months, so that’s not too bad!
I’ve worked on more assignments, taken a more active approach to socialising with the English society and writing/reading poetry. I really enjoyed the last two poetry readings, mainly due to an increase in confidence and stage presence [without sounding too bigheaded] and people seem to be finding my poetry funny/enjoyable. I will include 3 new poems at the bottom of this blog post, and their subject matter can be inferred from the title of this blog post. As can be expected, my fear of seagulls is raging on. It’s got to a point where I flinch at their every move, shudder upon hearing the flapping of wings, and produce high pitched noises when they get too close to me. With regards to the ‘Empty Valentine’s’, the poem will explain all! The other poem is of a more serious nature, but hopefully you’ll read and understand!

I’ve changed the design of this website too, and I think it looks a lot better; sleek, sexy, captivating…

So what does the next few weeks hold? More assignments, and working out what I’ll be doing over Summer! I am currently in the process of applying for Camp America, which should be a fantastic experience if I get it! If not, then I’m hoping to find a job and write more self indulgent, pessimistic poetry.

Once again, thanks for reading and I’ll leave you with 3 poems below, or you can find them on the ‘Portfolio of Writing’ page.

My empty valentine’s card

An attack and an old bint

Timeless Hourglass

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