Learning to Love Again + My Return to Poetry

It has been just over a year since I posted any new content on this site! I realise, time and time again, how I fall victim to the trap of writers block and how serious it can be. Once again, though, I am here to say that this block is over and I can present you with new content!

Throughout the years I’ve tried to pick up several hobbies, with varying degrees of success. Writing (initially fiction) was the only success I had, and one that I loved from a very young age. I remember when I first caught the bug for creative writing – I was in Year 3 and my teacher, Miss Whewall, asked me to write her a story. I did just that, and she loved it (either that or she was a fantastic liar.) From then on I began writing more stories, some which make me blush from just how cringey they are. Others make me realise just how miserable I can be sometimes. At university I made a transition to writing poetry, and I haven’t really touched fiction since.

There’s something quite alluring about poetry that I can’t shake. I’m not sure if it’s the brevity of it, or the fact it’s quite personal, but I love it. You might recall that in February 2016 I put together a collection of my poems in the now unavailable book, Timeless Hourglass (yes, that means if you own it you have a limited edition!) and, since then, I’ve only written a handful of poems, some of which I’ve published on the site and others that are just terrible. You see, I’ve been studying and admiring the likes of Neil Hilborn and Rudy Francisco and their spoken word style poems. There are two poems by Francisco that absolutely mesmerise me, and I think that they might be my favourite modern-day poems – ‘A Lot Like You’ and ‘If I Was a Love Poet’. Since discovering these, I’ve been dreaming about writing spoken word poetry, but I’ve always felt that I’m not good enough, that my words are not creative enough or my pace is off. Then, of course, there’s inspiration. The majority of my poems are driven by extreme emotion, whether it be anger, sadness or heartbreak. It’s fair to say that since I last posted on this website, I’ve seen my fair share of emotion.

But, like any good hobby, you have to try and fail countless times until something sticks. I’m not for one second suggesting I have written the next Francisco hit, but I have succeeded in regards to trying spoken word poetry and finishing it. I have written something from the heart, I have taken inspiration and I have made it work for me. I have also had the poem turned into a cool kinetic typography video, thanks to my friend and renowned blogger, Eve Greenow. It’s great to see a dream of mine become reality, and so a special thanks is owed to Eve for her fantastic work.

So without further ado, may I present my first (and hopefully not last!) spoken word poem: When I Learned to Love Again

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