One year since the fall…

366 days ago we fell victim to the steadfast prophecies of the Mayans. The ‘end of days’, the ‘rapture’, the ‘apocalypse’; there were many claims as to what was to happen on the 21st December 2012. Finally the day came and, to no one’s surprise, nothing happened. The prophecies proved once more that they are misconstrued and, simply, full of shit.

My cynicism and sarcasm aside, it is time to make a nice, cheery Christmas blog post, so here it goes:

“It’s CHRIIIISSSTTTMAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!” < My attempt to sound like Noddy Holder.

Yes, my favourite time of year has come around again. Festive music, luscious food, pretty colours, pleasantly bad television and good company (for the most part; I still have a grumpy, teenage sister). It’s the same routine each year, but it is something worth absorbing. With work and university/schools, it is one of few times a year when the family can come together to relax and be happy. Despite the fact that I am revising for my exam, which is unfortunately placed 3 days after I return to Aberystwyth, it is not hindering my fun. I’ve got about 6 days left of family time in t’North before I embark on a trip to Dublin to stay with family over New Year; a few good times left to be had before returning to the busy custom of university life.

So whilst I have nothing much to say in this blog post, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish whoever is reading a very happy Christmas. Whether you’re celebrating the endearing story of a baby born in an unhygienic barn, or simply celebrating the fact you have a loving family around you, I hope it is amazing and memorable. Families are complex – there are nutty members, sweet ones, and petty and insignificant rows. Ultimately, though, you are a family and you should be there for each other through thick and thin. Love and compassion is what makes the human race so beautiful.

Merry Christmas, folks!

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