Goddess of Seduction

With a smile that burns like the sun,
She is the goddess of seduction.
Weaving a voluptuous frame,
She lures me in to corruption.

Like the sheep of the holy church,
I should not want or desire.
But she is the forbidden fruit;
A fruit that I long to acquire.

But ah! There is the voice of reason,
Hissing the words so unkind.
Reminding me of the ancient moral,
Of which I am so disinclined.

This goddess is not of my possession;
She is the lover of another soul.
And I know they will not part,
So my heart will never be whole.

But if I could just reach to her,
Only a moment will suffice,
To breathe her, to feel her,
To release my soul from its vice.

A thousand love songs I would sing.
But for her, it would not matter.
She is an ambrosial wonder,
And all my hopes would shatter.

So what am I to do then,
Except conceal my passions?
Bury my yearning deep inside
Or confront my fierce compassion?

She will still smile like the burning sun,
She will be voluptuous and more.
She will entice many more men,
And many more she will ignore.

A poem I wrote about sexual desire. I wrote this one evening in January 2013 whilst being infatuated with a girl I found incredibly attractive. I was in a state of emotional frustration, and decided to try and write my feelings down.
Created: 2013

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