Little ‘Dizzy Hizzy’ is six today,Harriet
The blossoming daisy of Dockerill.
Though I have had to move on faraway,
Thinking of you always gives me a thrill.

A little gem, snug and warm, you laid there
In the incubator – love at first sight.
Though it cliché, I was walking on air.
Looking back then, I had no words to write.

The daisy bloomed, but the petals tarried;
Struggle as we did, we kept on fighting.
Artificial dust: we were all worried,
Multiple allergies were frightening.

Health damaging, bad reaction, meltdown:
We felt all the serrated eyes burning
A stigma; our smiles turned into a frown
But you spun that around, kept us learning

And gave us hope for your dazzling future.
Now you’re a sweet young girl, cheeky and all,
But remain to be a little trooper:
You bless me with all these words that I scrawl.

May your future years hold much happiness,
Remember: you fill our hearts with gladness.


Me and Harriet - May 2014

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