It watches me from all sides of this room,
Imprisoning me in this solitary cell.
Light cannot enter, nor can it escape.
I exist alone here in this living Hell.

I have a white slab where I lay
With an ensanguined bed cover,
To protect me from the world
And a place I never wanted to discover.

Four walls keep me barricaded in.
They are a pallid white
And as I stare at them infinitely
They blind me into a frantic fright.

And on the walls is where it sits.
Leering at me with its opaque eye,
Laughing and howling at me.
High on its belittling lies

Sometimes I have heard voices
Singing to me, trying to lure me in.
They are relentless and vindictive,
So far I have never let them win.

The voices come from it.
They come whilst it sits on the walls.
They tell me to finish it, to taste the end,
But I dare not satisfy my hunger.

I long to taste the bittersweet flesh
Of Revenge, my closest friend,
Who I have missed so dearly.
But we will be reunited in the end.

I pull my mutilated hand in to a fist
And I lunge it towards it with force,
Releasing Revenge from her glass prison
And diverting Justice from his natural course.

As the crimson juices trickle down my hand,
I murmur and gasp in pleasure.
I can taste Revenge, and she tastes divine,
A fine luxury beyond any measure.

The mortals with neutral coats run in
And they bring the torturous syringe
With which they spear me,
And the last thing I see is Revenge,
Shattered and fragmented on the murky floor,
Perverting my innocent reflection.

This is a poem that I wrote based on the idea of mirrors and the psychological connotations that come with them. I used this poem in my assessed portfolio at University.
Created: 2012

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