My Empty Valentine’s Card

This is my empty valentine
Tormenting this frail heart of mine.
My brain oozes a sickly sadness;
Recycles my wheel of madness.

Each year the holiday of love,
Jeers and sneers, mocks and belittles
And dances in front of my eyes.
Could this year bring idyllic change?

They say there’s plenty of fish in the ocean
And whilst that doesn’t sway my emotion,
Remember: I live by the beach.
Can love be so far out of reach?

Perhaps there will be a match for me,
And I think we can all agree
That they’ll detest my poetry.

But if there is an exception,
If I am not swamped by rejection,
I can happily make this correction:

Shut the door on loneliness;
Embrace some sweet happiness;
Shed light in the darkest corner;
Make my valentine a little stronger.

Created: 13th February 2014

For the ECWS (English and Creative Writing @ Aber) poetry reading on the 13th February, I decided to try and stand out (which I don’t usually need visual aids for!) by writing my poem in a Valentines Card addressed to no one. The poem was a bit cliche, according to some, but I enjoyed writing it and people seemed to like the fact I brought a card and left it on the stand. Someone took it eventually; it was nice to feel loved!

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