Of What Once Was

Do you hear that?
The sound of an extractor fan,
Blowing away the particles
Of a lost cluster.

I sit here alone,
Trapped in this phantasm:
A projection of what once was,
And what will never be again.

Everything is black and white:
The heart and the soul;
The love and the hate;
The pure and the evil.

Such fragility is bittersweet.
It warms the heart one day,
Then tears it apart the next.
Leaving only a shadow
Of what once was.

To the left side of me,
We have the jokers.
Their witty banter igniting
The laughter that echoes
Through this painful memory.

To the right side of me,
We have the sensitive ones.
The kind-hearted and motherly,
Fuelled only by their selflessness.

Together we sculpted memories
That incite a giant grin across my face.
A lingering feeling of ecstasy;
Of belonging.

No more…

Everything dies some day.
It is one of life’s inevitabilities.
Friends come and go,
Whether we like it or not.

Bonds sever; ties come loose.
Hearts break; love turns to hate.
Just like that, as quick as a flash
Relationships can wither.

Are we powerless in this game?
Can nothing be done to stop it?
Or is this is the conditioning of our race,
Destined to fight, rather than to love?

I don’t know. I’ll never know.

So for now, I sit here alone
Trapped in this phantasm:
A projection of what once was
And what will never be again.

Some things just don’t last...
Created: May 2013

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