On a sweet, starry night

On a sweet, starry night,
Neath constellations bright,
I’d take your hand in mine;
Let our bodies entwine.
Then we’d step in to dance,
Cocooned in blissful trance,
And sway like the ocean;
Our romance in motion.
The world will pass us by,
As we stay and get high,
With the other fairies,
And swap magic stories.
I’ll look in to your eyes;
A beautiful sun rise,
Caress your chestnut hair,
Nothing can ever compare.
We’ll plan our future life,
Where you’ll become my wife,
In bliss and harmony;
Joined in matrimony.
But for now, let’s just sway;
To the sound of the bay.
Let’s lull the moon to sleep,
It’s this moment we’ll keep.

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