So It Could Be Worse

Here I am again, ladies and gentlemen.

The inner beast; an outspoken prophet,

Fighting against illogical dribble

From those who can’t seem to

Hold their colossal heads.


Bloated egos, you’re bile!

Your lack of emotion is vile!

Your argument is better suited

To a squared cell of flat,

Fickle criminals:

Squeal little piggy!


Squeal and squeal

Whilst I cut your throat;

Let the repulsive

Argument dispense

With your crimson

Juices, specks of sin

Come flowing out too,

I want to hear you squeal!


‘Not a big problem is it?’

‘Not dying of illness am I?’

Stupid little piggy;

Your verbal bullets pierce

My already frail body armour

Wound me again and again,

‘But should I never ever complain?’

Because they’re not made of lead?


That’s right, increase the intoxication of my head.

My cerebral phantom howls and sneers,

Belittling cries, licking the wet of my tears.

A huff and a puff and a blow

Will extinguish the cavity torches,

One lonely flame resists higher forces.


But for how long can it chug

Before my mind pulls the plug?

Piggy, tell me again:

‘I’ve not got it bad, have I?’

I’m not disabled, maimed, poor,

Orphaned, homeless, nay?


Then why don’t you show me the way?

Your irrefutable logic has deduced

That my problems are trivial;

I am so superficial!


No. No, no, no, no, no.

How would you know?

I live this Hell of mine,

But for all you care,

I should be a mime!


Well fuck your logic,

And fuck yourself!

Next time you are preaching

Your sanctimonious crap,

Turn off your moronic tap!


Remember the fat girl

Who laughed to be polite;

Smiling with a broken face.

Remember the mardy bum,

Who beat his moody drum;

They will all succumb.


The trigger is your contention,

And your execution is their suspension.

Their problems were exclusive,

And your words have been abusive.

Think about that whilst I bleed you;

Think about the lives your words can destroy –

Take it from me, I am that mardy boy.

Created: 5th May 2014

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