Timeless Hourglass

There is the grandeur of Orion’s belt!
Splendid asterism; in the mould of
A timeless hourglass. But how, oh how
Can it possibly be so many years
Away from me? It has never made sense.
The universe is vast and capricious;
Unremitting, it will outlive the Earth,
As the Earth will succeed me too! Lament
For in this immense universe, we are
Nothing but insignificant nanobes,
Microscopic, and trivial; nothing
Within the majestic cosmos! So go
Crawl back to your sanctuary and weep.
It is almost time for you to perish

Created: December 2013
A short poem I wrote for my 2nd year creative writing portfolio. I was pondering the night sky, as I often do, and emptied my thoughts on to the page. 

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