Sonnet 1

Lacking my love I go from place to place,
Stealing love from other petty couples;
The police cannot keep up with my big chase,
No-one can pinpoint my founding troubles.
Here comes the bride, basking in her white filth;
Hypocrisy! She is a lying bitch.
I’m waiting for her now, hidden by stealth,
Ready to batter that pain, scratch that itch;
Leave it to bleed out in this dead car park.
At the very least, confront and get through,
Ask why she repeatedly broke my heart,
“You fucked me around, yet I still love you”
“Let’s end it as one, a gun to the head,
Pull the trigger, bang bang, then we’ll be dead”

My first attempt at writing a sonnet. This was used for one of my Creative Writing portfolio assessments.
Created: 21st November 2013

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