“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work”

It’s time for my weekly update and unfortunately I haven’t done much in the last week to be able to provide a satisfying account of my life. However, I have been doing a lot of thinking and I want to share with you some exciting thoughts I have had.

Being home has been quite mellow so far; seeing old friends and family, and not doing very much at all. Admittedly, I don’t really ‘do’ much in Aberystwyth, but this is beside the point! On Monday I went to see Man of Steel and, as I anticipated, it wasn’t a perfect film. It was far from perfect! I was hoping that with someone as talented and elegant as Christopher Nolan on the creative team, the film would blossom in to a pleasing superhero film. However, it was very lacklustre. I mainly felt disappointed by the writing as I could not maintain a firm grip on the narrative, which disappoints me considering there were some elements which I thought would have worked really well. The transition from Clark to Superman didn’t feel right for me, and the cliche kiss between the Man of Steel and Lois Lane made me almost angry! It was perhaps one of the worst portrayals of a good character relationship. I don’t mean the acting, as I feel the casting was fantastic [Russell Crowe, as usual, put on a terrific performance]. It was the way in which they suddenly went from several meaningless and impassionate meetings to locking lips after sending the villains in to the Phantom Zone. Aarrgghhh! For a more thorough and entertaining review, please take a look at my friend’s blog: http://www.dapperenglishnerd.com/2013/06/man-of-steel-quick-review.html

Aside from seeing Man of Steel, I have been in the process of resurrecting my reading interests. I started by reading a novel by James Patterson called 1st to Die. It was a great novel to start again with, purely for the reason that his writing is fairly simplistic [though the plot was fairly intricate] and easy to read. I am building up to reading much more challenging novels, and currently I’m setting my sights on the esteemed Kathy Reichs and her Temperance Brennan novels. Having watched the TV show that spawned from the novels – Bones – I am feeling particularly motivated to read those.

To conclude this week’s blog post, I’ll leave with you an amazing thought:
10 years from now, the first set of human beings will land on Mars to begin working on establishing a habitable environment. It is incredible to think that 44 years ago, we did ‘the impossible’ and sent a man to the moon. Now, we are in the process of sending humans to begin a life on Mars! Without the astounding work and study that thousands of people have put in to this mission, this would still be a concept limited to fictional novels and films. So through all the warfare, greed and evil that the human race has created, there is something to be impressed and very proud of. I feel privileged that I will [hopefully, assuming that no gangsta ‘stabs me up’] be alive to witness such an advancement.

Also: I have heard nothing humorous or memorable this week that could be assigned to the title of the blog post, so instead I have used a quote from Michael Jackson. Today marks the fourth anniversary of his death, and forgetting whatever people found weird and unacceptable with his personal life, it cannot be denied that he was a massive talent that deserves his legacy and status in entertainment history. RIP Michael Jackson.

Until next time…

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